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PraEdu Team

Our name says it all, PraEdu Training

We deliver variety of PraEdu Training in the colleges to help students get a hand on experience on the technical skills, and we believe that our PraEdu Training are helping students because we do things a little differently than other training companies are doing.

Delivering world class content and hands on experience through our PraEdu Training

Our team is comes from diverse backgrounds , but two important characteristics we look for in team Engines members are the potential to become the best at what you do and the desire to keep improving towards that.

Our team is made up of 25 of the brightest and most dedicated software engineers, network engineers, creative designers and sales passionate who work collaboratively to deliver best in the class. we works together to deliver the best content and hands on experience to students.

We are from the vast array of geographic locations, but we have one thing in common: we're all passionate about PraEdu’s mission to deliver the best PraEdu Training in the campus. Interested in joining our team? Check out open positions here.


Trusted certifications

At PraEdu we provide trusted and globally recognized certifications to the participants according to their technical trades. you can find more details on workshop’s page.


Updates Technologies PraEdu Training

At PraEdu we do have the most updated and the latest technologies PraEdu Training according to the steams with the hands on experience.


Alumni Networks

At PraEdu we have more than 10,000 PROFESSIONAL NETWORK OF ALUMNI Interact with our esteemed Alumni to understand career prospects in the industry.

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